Meet Our Students

Meet Our Students 2016-12-08T06:24:45+00:00

Ethan Tabor (MPIA class of 2009)

The MPIA program at Virginia Tech in Alexandria provided me with the critical, analytical, and communication skills necessary to excel as a government public affairs professional at various locations in the United States and around the world. In addition to the hard-earned benefits of the program’s academic rigor, I will always be grateful for the outstanding networking opportunities and real-world perspectives shared by the professors and students from diverse backgrounds in academia, the military, government, and civil society.

Alterra Hetzel (MPIA class of 2011)

For me, the MPIA program was a win-win-win. I completed the program at Virginia Tech’s Alexandria location. The program provided highly relevant content that offered both a foundation in theory and marketable skills in my field. The high caliber of both the faculty and my fellow students ensured relevant and real-world learning — and those relationships continue to have an important and lasting impact on my life. Career-wise, since the completion of the VT MPIA program, both my title and compensation have doubled.