Graduate Certificate in Security Studies

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Applications for the Graduate Certificate in Security Studies will be considered from students enrolled in a graduate degree program at Virginia Tech and from non-degree and Commonwealth Campus students who have been permitted to take courses by the Graduate School. Certificates will be awarded upon completion of twelve credits (4 courses) and application for the certificate and application for certificate conferral once course requirements have been completed.

Course Requirements

Completion of a total of twelve credit hours; 6 credits in required courses and 6 elective hours. Students must receive a grade of B or better in each course.
(Note: Students will not be allowed to retake a course for a better grade if they receive below a B.)

Required courses:
PSCI/GIA 5444 – International Politics
PSCI/GIA5484 – Contemporary American Foreign Policy

In addition, students must complete at least 6 credit hours from the following:

PSCI 5324 – Executive Branch
PSCI 5464 – Critical Security Studies
PSCI/GIA 5474 – Global Governance
PSCI/GIA5514 – Global Security
PSCI/GIA 5524 – U.S. Foreign Policy after 9/11
PSCI/GIA 5534 – Regionalism and Political Developments