Graduate Certificate in Middle East Politics and Society

Graduate Certificate in Middle East Politics and Society 2017-05-23T16:35:09+00:00

The certificate focuses on the politics, society, and history of the peoples of North Africa, Southwestern Asia, Asia Minor, and the Arabian Peninsula, related borderlands and island groups, and including emigrant and immigrant groups.

It addresses the causes and consequences of conflict in the region, the impact of external interventions, including colonialism, and the drivers of political and social change.


Total Number of Credit Hours: 9 credit hours.
Transfer credits are not permitted.

Students will choose three courses:

GIA 5314 Middle East Geopolitics (3 credits)

GIA/PSCI 5614 (HIST 5544) Understanding the Israeli Palestinian Conflict (3 credits)

ASPT 5134 Islamic Political Thought (3 credits)

ASPT/HIST/RLCL 6124 (PSCI 6234) Pre-Modern Christian and Islamic Political Theory (3 credits)

Another 5000-level or 6000-level course subject to approval by the certificate candidate’s advisor