Graduate Certificate in Economic Risk and Global Inequality

Graduate Certificate in Economic Risk and Global Inequality 2017-05-23T16:37:47+00:00

The Certificate represents the socio-economic track in Government and International Affairs program in the Northern Capital Regions (Alexandria). It features courses that cover: global social policy, inequality international development, global political economy, and transnational social movements.

While GIA offers a variety of courses in global politics that relate to human and national security in a realm of threat or conflict, the new certificate broadens these understandings, conceiving security also as a: global social policy concept/commitment, economic goal, and financial representation.


Total Number of Credit Hours: 12 credit hours. All courses graded A-F and 5000 or higher. Transfer credits are not permitted.

Four courses must be selected from the courses listed below:

GIA/PAPA 5034 Global Political Economy (formerly, Democratic Governance of the Economy) (3 credits)

GIA/UAP 5274 Comparative Social Movements (3 credits)

GIA 5434 Politics of Developing Areas (3 credits)

GIA/UAP 5524 International Development (3 credits)

GIA 5654 Global Social Policy (3 credits)

GIA 5474 Global Governance (3 credits)