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The Master’s in Public and International Affairs (MPIA) does not have an application deadline but has a ‘rolling admissions’ policy. As a general guideline, applications for Fall Admissions (Fall semester starts in late August) should be filed by March, and applications for Spring admissions (spring semester starts in late January) should be filed by November in order to allow time for review.

Information Sessions: For the Alexandria campus, all applicants are encouraged to attend an information session before applying. There are seven information sessions throughout the year: 13 October 201716 November2 March 2018: 5 April 2018: I4 May 2018, 7 June 2018.  Interested students should register for an information session using the Info Sessions link above.

Students can be admitted to the MPIA degree program in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. However, it is recommended that students enter in the Fall or Spring semesters as our foundational courses are taught face to face during regular semesters. Talk to the Director about your professional and research interests, to map out a course plan for the pursuit of the degree you are interested in.

B or higher grade point average in the undergraduate degree is required for admission in this program.

Some successful, non-traditional, part-time students in the National Capital Region begin as non-degree Commonwealth campus students. If students do well in non-degree classes, they can build a case for admission into the MPIA degree. Admission for Commonwealth campus students is dependent on good academic performance.


To apply for the MPIA and Ph. D. in Planning, Governance and Globalization:

– Prospective student statement of purpose indicating proposed areas of research, professional interests and experience (including a professional resume).

– GRE scores of at least 1100, verbal and quantitative.

– TOEFL minimum 580 or 237 (if electronic) for international students whose first language is not English.

– Three letters of recommendation from a mix of former professors and others who have had the opportunity to observe the applicant in a professional capacity.

– GPA average minimum 3.0 in undergraduate degree (for admission in MPIA), and 3.8 Masters degree (for admission in Ph.D.).

– To qualify for admission in the Ph.D. in Planning, Governance and Globalization (PGG), applicants should possess or be close to completion of a Master’s degree in a closely related field such as Political Science, Sociology, International Public Relations, Geography, Economics, etc.

To apply for the PGG:

Please see PGG’s website for more information on the application process.

GRE scores are required for full-time students applying to the main campus (Blacksburg).

Non-traditional, part-time working professionals in the National Capital Region applying for admission can make a case for the GRE to be waved. Applicants wishing to request a waver are encouraged to come to an information session (see Application Deadline section above), or contact the program director, Prof. Joel Peters to be considered.

Once you are admitted as an MPIA student you can register for classes. Registration is normally open for the last three weeks of the previous semester and until the end of the first week of the new semester.